What Is Chhau Dance And dance forms of India

Chhau Dance In India

Chhau Dance is a tribal dance which is prevalent in Bengal, Orissa, and Jharkhand. There are three types – Searkelai Chau, Mayurbhanj Chhoo and Purulia Chhau.

History of Chhau dance

Some scholars believe that the word “Chhau” is derived from the Sanskrit word “shadow”, which means shadow or image. Sitakant Mahapatra considers that the word Chhau dance is derived from the “camp” meaning “military camp“.


Chhau dance is a mix of tactical bhangima and dance. In this, the technique of fighting and animal movement and movements are shown. In this, dance is also performed on the work of rural housewife. This is done by the exploitation of a male dancer woman. Sometimes in the dance, the incidents of Ramayan and Mahabharata are also illustrated. This dance is mostly done at night in an undisclosed area which is also called Akhand or Asar.

This dance is presented with the melody of traditional folk music. The musical instruments used with it include a variety of drums, drums and Kharka along with Mohuchi and Shehnai.

Chhau Dance

Specialties of Chhau Dance

Cubs are displayed in the main festivals in the regional festivals. Most of the spring festival is on the Chaitra festival, which lasts for thirteen days and the whole community participate in it. In this dance,

there is a mixture of common practice and dance, and the technique and the movement of animals that are fought in this dance are discussed. Dance is also performed on the work of village Plan.

This dance is performed by male dancers who are traditional artists or people of local communities. These dances are mostly done at night in an undisclosed area, which is also called Akhand or Asar.

This dance is presented in the tunes of traditional and popular songs. Mohuri and Shehanai are also used, different types of drums, Dhumsa and Kharka are also used.

Sometimes the depiction of Ramayan and Mahabharata is reflected in the theme of dance. The Chhau dance is done by the people of Moola, Mahato, Kalindi, Pattanik, Samal, Darga, Mohanty, Bhopal, Achyara, Kar, Dubey, and Sahu sect.

The music of Chhau dance is given by Mukti Mukti, Kalindi, Dhada. In Chhau dancing, a special type of mask is used which is made by the sectarian tribal Mahapatra, Maharani, and Sutradhar of Purulia and Serekela of Bengal. Art and craft of dance spinning and mask making and are pressed verbally.

Chhau dance

Nagaon, March 26: Artistes from Purulia district of West Bengal performs Chhau dance at “Chhau Parva”(festival of Chhau Dances) organized by Kollol and Rangeley under the aegis of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi at Khagen Mahanta Auditorium in Nagaon, Assam on Sunday. Chhau is a semi classical Indian dance with martial, tribal and folk origins with origins in the eastern Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal . Photo by Diganta Talukdar

dance forms of India

The arrival of Chhau dance came in Serekela which is located in Jharkhand, the administrative headquarters of Serekella district. Purulia Chou is celebrated in the district of Purulia in Bengal and is celebrated in Mayurbhanj district of Mayurbhanj Chhau Orissa.

The main difference between these three is that these three styles do not use the mask. Where masks are used in the small dance of serakeela and purulia, mukhab is not used in statue. The technique of seracella touches is done by the actor and actor of this area.

The mughar touches is performed without a mask which resembles the Serekella Chou. Purulia Chouh also uses a mask that exhibits her folk art.

Serekela and Mayurbini Chou got the state organizing and the development of Purulia Chhao and the experiment itself was done by the people themselves. In the Mask of Serekela Chouh, a lot of extrinsic motifs have a map of fatty thick zari.

This kind of mask reflects three types of human character – worldly, contemplation, and character of Hindu Purana. In some masks, animals and birds are also shown. Purulia uses a small mask that is less elaborate and shows the kind of character and scarcity of the Hindu Purana.

This mask is done by a craft potter which makes idols of Hindu deity and goddess, which is found in Chaura village, which is situated in the Purulia district of Bengal.

dance forms of India


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