What is Statue Of Unity, Cost, Height, Features

What is the statue of unity

The project was announced by the Gujarat Government on October 7, 2010,/ To build the statue of unity, iron was collected by the farmers living in the whole of India, collecting old and useless tools in the field of agriculture.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Integration Trust opened 36 offices throughout India for this work, which aimed to raise the iron from about 5 lakh farmers.

This campaign was named “Statue of Unity Campaign”. In this campaign, about 6 lakh villagers donated iron to the idol. During this, about 5,000 metric tons of iron was collected.

statue of unity

Although initially it was announced that the collected iron would be used in the main statue, later it could not be used in the iron statue of unity, And it was used in other construction projects related to the project.

The “Suraj” prayer form was created by the campaign to build the idol in which the public could write their opinion on better governance. Two million people signed their name on the SURAJ prayer letter, which became the world’s largest prayer pamphlet signed on which, on December 15, 2013, a “Run for Unity” marathon was also held throughout India. A large number of people participated in this marathon too.

statue of unity Height

It is the tallest statue of unity in the world, its length is 182 meters (597 feet). After this, the world’s second tallest statue is the Spring Temple Buddha in China, with a total height of 208 meters (682 feet).

statue of unity

statue of unity Cost

Initially, the total cost of this project was kept by the Indian government at around Rs 3,001 crores (US $ 438.15 million), after Larsen & Toubro bid the lowest Indian rupee 2,989 crores (US $ 436.39 million) in October 2014; Including shape, construction, and maintenance.

Start of construction started on October 31, 2013 Construction of the statue ended in mid-October 2018 It was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018 on the occasion of Sardar Patel’s Birthday /

Statue of Unity location

This monument is built on the river island of Sadhu Bet, 3.2 km away from Narmada Dam, Gujrat India.

Statue of Unity Manufacturing Time.

The assistance of Turner Construction (Project Manager of Burj Khalifa) is being taken for the construction of this idol. It took about 4 years to complete it. The total cost of the project is Rs 2,063 crores (US $ 301.2 million). For the first phase, October 2013 was invited for the bid and lasted till November 2018.

Statue of unity
Project cost: Rs 2,989 crore
The concept behind height: The total number of seats in the Gujarat assembly is 182. Its height is also 182 meters.
Height above sea level: 237.35 meters
Work Force: 4076 Workers, 200 Chinese Workers

statue of unity

Features of Statue of Unity

  1. Lift to reach the monument
  2. The three-level base of the statue, which includes an exhibition floor, balcony, and terrace. The terrace has a memorial park, a huge museum and exhibition hall, in which the life and contribution of Sardar Patel are shown.
  3. A 500 ft high observer deck has also been constructed from a river, in which two hundred people can observe the statue at the same time.
  4. The idol can be reached by boat in just 5 minutes.
  5. A modern public place has also been built, which can see the Narmada river and the idol. This includes food stalls, gift
  6. shops, retail, and other amenities, which will make tourists feel better.
  7. The Statue of Unity memorial is closed for maintenance every Monday

financial help

The memorial is made through public-private partnership, most of which is part of the Gujarat government. The Gujarat Government had allocated `100 crore and` 500 crore in 2014-15 for this purpose in the 2012-13 budget. 2014-15 For the construction of this statue in the Union of India, ₹ 2 billion allocated.

Related issues

Locals protest against land acquisition for tourism manufacturing development for this statue. He claimed that the real name of the Sadhoo Island is Vrat Bawa Tekri and it is a place of religious importance, which is lying in the name of a local goddess.

In the letter written to the Central Government, environmentalists said that the start of the project has begun without the approval of the Environment Ministry.

The villagers of Kevadia, Kothi, Waghadia, Limbdi, Navagam and Gora opposed the construction of the statue. Their demand was that before this they should be given the right to own the right to own 927 acres of land acquired for the construction of the dam and Garudeshwar taluka. Apart from the formation of the Kevadia Area Development Authority (English: KADA, KADA), he has also opposed the construction of Garudeshwar Mead and Pukki road project. The Gujarat government accepted their demands.

When 2 billion rupees were allocated for this idol in the 2014-15 Central budget, some people and opposition political parties condemned such high expenditure and advised to spend more money on women’s safety, education, agricultural schemes. L & T signed the TQ Art Foundry with bronze on the statue, which is basically a subsidiary of Nanchang, China-based Jiangxi Tonic Company. This move was opposed by the Indian National Congress, the main opposition party of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

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